- depending on the size of your Project

The BFT@Plant Service for industrial projects

BFT@PLANT is the solution for large sized projects.

We deliver a number of pallets at the Batching Plant in function of your production forecast

To give an idea 4 palets contains 1.080kg of MACRO glass fibers reinforcing 216m3 concrete that is the equivalent of 1.440m2 of fibered floor thikness 10cm.

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The KIT  BFT@Work for residential project

BFT@WORK is the solution for medium sized projects.

This KIT contains 25kg MACRO FIBERS Anti-Crak® HP67/36 and 3kg MICRO FIBERS of 600gAnti-Crak® HD12 MICRO fibers. 

This 28kg KIT allows to reinforce 5m3 of concrete or approximately 50m2 of slab (thikness 10cm)

The KIT BFT@Home for do-it-yourself projects

BFT@HOME is the solution for small domestic projects.

This KIT contains 1 bag of 5kg MACRO FIBERS Anti-Crak® HP67/36 and 1 bag of 600g MICRO FIBERS Anti-Crak® HD12 MICRO fibers. 

This 5,6kg KIT allows to reinforce 1m3 of concrete or approximately 10m2 of slab.


Principal components of our BFT Solutions : Macro & Micro Glass Fibers

- 2 kinds of alkali-resistant glass fibers to reinforce concrete 

MACRO FIBERS 36mm @5kg/m3

Anti-CRAK® HP 67/36 is analternative solution to anti-cracking mesh in order to control thermal and drying shrinkage cracking in residential and light commercial floors.

The high flexural performance of Anti-CRAK® HP 67/36 makes this fiber an ideal solution to replace conventional steel reinforcement in a wide range of applications.

MICRO FIBERS @ 600g/m3

Anti-CRAK® HD 12 is a solution to control plastic shrinkage cracking in combination with standard curing practices, in flooring applications under severe environmental conditions.

The micro fiber optics find their action in preventing microcracks that can occur in the first hours of concrete life. These micro cracks are caused by the deformations of the fresh concrete, which is still weak to bridge the shrinkage.

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